Nasty headache

Illegal dumping a major problem for the SSA

The issue of illegal dumping continues to be a major headache for the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA), particularly in areas of St Michael and Christ Church.

Illegal dump site.
Illegal dump site.

This morning SSA’s public relations officer Carl Alff Padmore said the problem had reached such a worrying stage in Culloden Road, St Michael, that the SSA was forced to mount a sign and increase its collections to twice a week.

“A lot of these things here can be recycled; some can even be restored; and it is not even things that come out of these buildings,” he said, referring to the Frank Walcott Building, the British High Commission and other business houses.

“You can see that people leave wherever they are to come and dump here. Coconuts are not sold in the business places here.

Pointing to the site from which a foul smell emanates, Padmore added: “This is a haven for rats; it’s a haven for mosquitoes; its unsightly; it’s in the middle of Government businesses; and some people want to blame the SSA. We shouldn’t have to put a sign here. Barbadians are just getting into some nasty habits, and we want to put a stop to it.”

He added that while the SSA continuously appealed to the public to desist from illegal dumping, it was difficult to bring the law to bear on those who engaged in the act “because people are afraid to report vehicle numbers of individuals they see dumping”.

Other troublesome areas include Kingsland, Christ Church, and Wellington Street in The City, and Belmont Road, St Michael.

Padmore added that having to deal with the increase in illegal dumping was stretching the SSA’s resources.

“We have to pull a crew off to come here and once we do that it means your village or mine would not get the collection because we had to stop to do this here,” he said.

He called on residents to help address these problems.

“The garbage is yours before we come for it and if you understand that 98 per cent of what is at your house can either be recycled, restored or reused, then we would have a reduction of what is going into our landfill. But this is not a landfill, it is an illegal dumpsite, and we are annoyed.”

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