A taste for fish

Students compete in culinary contest


Secondary school students from six schools in Barbados should now know more about the best ways to prepare and consume fish.

The pupils of The Lodge School, Harrison College, Ursuline Convent, Springer Memorial, St Winifred’s School and Coleridge & Parry got that knowledge as they took part in a culinary competition.

The Fish Dish Competition was organized by the Fisheries Division ahead of the observance of Fisherman’s Day 
on June 29.Fish

Fisheries officer and coordinator of the competition, Mercille Earle, said the initiative was geared towards secondary school students, particularly fourth formers, with the objectives of providing an opportunity for youth to showcase their creativity in fish preparation, to encourage the consumption of fish and promote its nutritional benefits and to also promote the awareness of local fish species.

Earle said the response to the competition was good, although it was expected more schools would participate.

Students prepared soups, salads, beverages, pastries and jams or jellies.

The exhibition of the dishes was followed by judging. The three local chefs the students had to impress, looked for originality, creativity, presentation, taste and texture.

Fish 1

The winners will be announced at a later date and awarded with equipment for their schools’ food and nutrition departments, during Fisherman’s Week next month.

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