Innogen, LED team up to expand

Two leading local companies in renewable energy products have teamed up to expand the commercial opportunities available in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Caribbean LED Lighting Inc. (CLL) and Innogen Technologies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that is expected to result in the further promotion of LED solutions throughout the region.

“Despite the current economic climate, both CLL & Innogen have grown significantly over the past three years in the rapidly developing Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy markets,” said CLL’s CEO Jim Reid.

“This partnership sets an example of how Barbados can move forward in creating jobs and supporting the economy. I am very excited about this innovative partnership and look forward to working with the Innogen team.”

CEO of Innogen, Vancourt Rouse, said the partnership demonstrated that two competing companies could work together for the betterment of Barbados by finding mutually beneficial synergies.

“This relationship will save Barbados much needed foreign reserves as we will not need to import LED bulbs. This will naturally support continued job creation for the Barbadian economy,” he said.

Another benefit of this new partnership is that Innogen will actively support the environmentally sensitive disposal of all fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL’s) bulbs using CLL’s “Bulb Eater” machines which ensure that mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal, does not damage the Caribbean’s environment.

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