Working on quarry stench

Management taking steps to correct the foul scent near the ridge

Entrance to the Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens
Entrance to the Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens

The management of Searles Plantation in Christ Church says it has started taking steps to eliminate the flies and foul odour that have been affecting mourners at the nearby Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens.

Identifying the steps that he has taken to correct the problem, owner Allan Kinch told Barbados TODAY the quarry, which was the source of the problem, was being covered, and chicken droppings would no longer be accepted for dumping there.

The effort follows complaints from one of the principals of Coral Ridge, Peter Griffith, who told Barbados TODAY last Friday that operations at the quarry were creating a stench and harbouring swarms of flies that have chased mourners from the Christ Church facility.

Kinch said since the story was published Searles had worked throughout the weekend and early this week to completely cover the quarry with mould.

“Unfortunately, the tractor developed mechanical problems; so this delayed the completion of the task. However, we no longer accept fowl droppings at our quarry,” he said, although claiming that a foul odour also seems to be coming from the direction of two dumps
in St Philip.

When contacted, Griffith said he had been informed of the efforts, and he would wait and see if the situation improved.

“We at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens will see what is the position . . . and examine our position going forward. We are still seeing flies at the facility, but not as many as earlier. We hope that by weekend conditions will be back to normal,” he said.

Griffith, who is director of Lyndhurst Funeral Home, had said that over the past two to three months, mourners attending funeral services and burials at the facility had complained about the swarms of flies and the foul odour. He said that following investigations by personnel from the Ministry of Health and members of the Royal Barbados Police Force, it was discovered that the quarry, which was a dumping site for fowl droppings, horse manure and grass, was the source of the problem.


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