Last Canes in The City

Broad Street getting closed off for fest

A fantastic extravaganza of cultural activities from ten in the morning to just about ten in the night. That about aptly describes this year’s Republic Bank City Fest And Ceremonial Delivery Of The Last Canes, which comes off on June 28. 

Alison Sealy-Smith
Alison Sealy-Smith

“It is a way of looking backwards and coming forwards. It is an urban street fair,” Alison Sealy-Smith, senior business development officer with the executing agency for the event, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), told Bajan Vibes.

“We are going to be closing off Broad Street and making it safe for it to be a pedestrian mall.”

The plan is to bring approximately 20,000 people into The City.

“If you are talking about age-old cultural tradition, and you are talking about trying to link them to our present day commercial reality, what is the best connective tissue that you can think of? The best one that we could come up with is our Heritage property Bridgetown. It encapsulates everything. There is a reason why it is our Heritage Site,” Sealy-Smith added, with here sentiments being shared by co-coordinator of the event, John Hunte, cultural officer for dance.

“It also turns out that throughout our history, part of what would happen on a Crop Over day is that there would be strolling minstrels, masquerade characters, going through town. A day that would normally be restricted for people of certain classes, they would be allowed freedom on that day.

“So we are actually reinterpreting this heritage event in town,” Hunte said.

Just recently, the NCF had made a request for persons with donkeys to contact them, so that the animals might be used as a part of the June event. Asked how the search was going, Bajan Vibes was told “very profitable”.



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