Archer’s Bay possible Crop Over venue

If everything goes according to plan, Barbadians will have another venue to add to their Crop Over locations – Archer’s Bay in St Lucy.

That disclosure from Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley who said it was Government’s policy to further decentralise Crop Over events and the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) would be working to make this a reality.

“We’ve been doing quite a bit over the last five years to make sure that Crop Over is rooted in the communities and we’ve done that successfully through the Cavalcades, but there are other events that we’ve been encouraging community groups to stage and to occupy spaces that can bring the Crop Over spirit back into the communities. So this venue will be one that we’ve been looking at in terms of future Crop Over events,” he explained after a site visit to the North Point Surf Resort and Archers Bay in St Lucy yesterday.

Lashley added that as a result of the popularity of the location, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, through the Rural Development Commission (RDC), has made the site more accessible to the public by constructing a paved staircase to the beach.

Minister of Housing and Lands and Member of Parliament for the constituency, Denis Kellman, said it was calypsonian Pitchup’s idea to have a Crop Over event at Archer’s Bay.

“He felt that in the north of Barbados was the best location for Crop Over and we should utilise it. I have offered it to the present Minister and he quickly recognised the potential. He is on board with it,” he said.

“It’s a daily thing for tourists to come here [Archers Bay] even before they had the stairs and it is these opportunities that we [Government] are creating . . . . This is the beginning of the National Park of Barbados, which means that Government is responsible for building the National Park.

“Government must also recognise that there’s an economic return to be shared with the masses in Barbados and this is what we have from Archer’s Bay to Consett Bay, so that the individuals in the area can create job opportunities for themselves and
their families,” the Lands Minister said.

Kellman assured that Government was quietly pushing ahead with a number of projects for the socioeconomic benefit of Barbadians, including the development of Speightstown and Archers Bay.



Source: BGIS

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