Church discusses bullying

Bullying cover

by George Alleyne

There are no limits to where bullying can occur and it is now in homes, the church, and continues to run through cyberspace.

This emerged from a panel discussion on Bullying: Causes and Solutions held at the Roebuck St, Calvary Moravian Church, last evening.

The session was moderated by Sister Sheila Chase, with panelists being church leader Reverend Cicely Athill-Horsford, lawyer Eli Edwards, educator Janice Thompson, and psychiatrist Dr Brian MacLachlan.

“They say that bullying can occur when children gather together to learn or play; they say that bullying can occur within the family, within the family home. And I would even add that it can even occur in the church,” Chase said.

Thompson said girls are also getting into the bullying act, and a member of the audience lay the blame squarely on parents who refuse to scold errant children. 

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