Barbados Today Mother’s Day Competition Winner and Entrants


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My mom Carmel Lynch always put her children first. A mother of seven, who never takes time out for herself, who is always doing, not only for us, but for anyone who needs a helping hand, a person to call on whether for advice or taking care of three dogs.

My mom, a gem of a woman, a good role model to young women and my very best friend deserves more, more than any of us can share.

So yes, my mother of the last 36 years knows me even more than I know myself. I honestly believe she feels what I’m thinking and what I will do next. My mother and I have a relationship that is so fantastic, no one can separate us, only God.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. Even if I don’t win anything that’s ok, I’ve already won. I have my mom who’s healthy, strong and who just celebrated her 70th birthday last April 26th.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to let you know a little about my mother and why she deserves a special treat.



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This beautiful woman Heather Cecilia Ramdin proudly contributes to the society as an administrative assistant with the Barbados Revenue Authority, as well as to her household as a single parent. She may provide for other family members if in need of assistance, because she believes that the people she loves shall be happy. However, she would always make sure to spend some quality time with family and friends, as she is a very sociable person. I believe my lovely mother should win because she is awesome!

09-05 page 38-entry02aSpecial Greeting: You Are A Mom like no other! Have Great Day!!

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Happy Mother’s Day to Mrs. Gloria Jones
This glorious lady that loves us
Loving in every way possible
Outstanding forever in all our hearts
Regal and royal, our very own queen!
Irreplaceable, there is none like you
Amazing and angelic, you mean the world to us!
From: Diana, Valerie, Alvin & Terry (children)
Joel & Crystal (grandchildren) Dyamond (great-grand)

09-05 page 38-entry05a To my daily motivation.

09-05 page 38-entry04aTo: Mom
God could not be everywhere and therefore, he made my mother just for me.
All that I am,or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Love always
Christina xox

09-05 page 38-entry06aThis is my mum … she is a very loving person … she would give her last to someone in need. I love her, she is the best!

09-05 page 38-entry07a“Happy Mother’s Day Mum, love yuh!”



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