Strike alert

Dennis Clarke, NUPW general secretary
Dennis Clarke, NUPW general secretary

by Carol Williams

The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has given the green light for the mobilisation of public servants whom it represents as it prepares to intensify its battle with the National Conservation Commission (NCC) over the recent retrenchment of 200 workers.

The all-clear was given by the union’s decision-making body – the National Council – this evening following a two-hour emergency meeting at the NUPW headquarters.

NUPW meeting
Some of the members of the NUPW National Council attending tonight’s meeting.

Speaking following the unanimous decision, general secretary Dennis Clarke said support would also be sought from the Barbados Workers Union, which also represents laid-off NCC workers.

Clarke said his union would not stand by while the NCC management failed to meet at the bargaining table, as was done on Friday in spite of an agreement to hold the talks two days earlier.

“We will want to get back in contact with our counterpart, the Barbados Workers Union, and we will do that early on Monday so that they would be [informed] of the positions that we are taking. We are not going tot take this lightly. Our committee of management will meet sometime during next week where they will sensitise workers of their various divisions so that we can also put in place the logistics for supporting the NCC workers,” Clarke told the media.

“Some persons have already indicated that they can start to mobilise their people as early as tonight. I know some will be doing that on Monday and we will move from there.”

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