Kingdom Arts coming

If you thought high fashion and the arts were taboo in Christian circles, then think again.

Barbadians are in for the treat of their lives during August 17 to 23, when Kingdom Arts hits the road.

This festival, having been officially launched last Saturday at Bagnalls Point, Pelican Village, Bridgetown, will this year focus on reclaiming the arts back to God and his people, and revealing the beauty of Jesus through the art form.

Kingdom Arts director Kayrie Smith said the annual conference had been transformed into a one-week festival, and intended to impart knowledge to Christian artistes.

Kingdom Arts director Kayrie Smith (right) and visionary Kevin Campbell.
Kingdom Arts director Kayrie Smith (right) and visionary Kevin Campbell.

Smith says the theme is Beautiful, and the event will focus on music, dance, film, fashion, theatre and visual and culinary arts. Her burning desire for this year’s festival is to turn hearts towards God the Creator and source of all good things, while beholding the beauty in all that God has made.

The creation of Rykii de Jude
A Rykii de Jude’s creation at Kingdom Arts launch.
Carlyn Dottin's culinary samples
Carlyn Dottin’s culinary samples.

The visionary behind Kingdom Arts, Kevin Campbell, believed that King David in The Bible was a master Kingdom artiste and that David’s vision was to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord through different art expressions.

The festival will open on August 17 with a Prayer Room Experience and end on August 23 with a number of workshops and Glow Worship at New Dimensions Ministries.

There will be a night designated for fashion, visual and culinary arts and also a town hall meeting concentrating on ministry versus industry.

In other news, the in-demand local recording artist Neesha Woodz is receiving rave “Likes” on her Facebook page for her “hot off the press” HD music video Adrenaline. The video is a wake-you-up, cheer-you-up, put-a-smile-on-your face, happy production. Check her out on Facebook. And, Neesha will be representing Barbados at a major festival in Panama later this month.

That’s all for now, so I’m outta here. Blessings!

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