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University believes it has the solution to industrial relations and economic problems

The Department of Management Studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI) believes it has what it takes to resolve the current industrial problems involving retrenched workers at the National Conservation Commission (NCC).

Department head Philmore Alleyne said today they could also have the answers to economic and other challenges.

Noting that the department recently added six new research units to its existing two in an effort to “significantly enhance” the research output of the department while allowing the country to utilize and benefit from the wide range of expertise and skills, Alleyne said today the talent and expertise is there to “solve the majority of the problems in this country”.

“We have qualified accountants, finance and marketing specialists, human resource and industrial relation experts who would certainly be able to help resolve some of the problems that are going on with the NCC at this point,” he said at a Private Sector Breakfast Forum at the 3Ws Oval, organized by his department under the theme Enhancing Competitiveness, Creativity, Innovation And Productivity.

“And we have project management specialists. So, yes, I can boast that the department has the staff capable of solving business and national problems.”

Alleyne said there was therefore a critical role for more university/private sector research partnerships “which have the potential to improve innovation and remove some of the obstacles standing in the way of further progress”.

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