Bringing sweetness to Foreday Morning

Imagine sweet Bajan confections wining and chipping down to Spring Garden in the wee hours of the morning.

No, it is not a dream; it is what will be happening come August 2, when Damage Kontrol hits the road.

This will be the second year the Foreday Morning band will be on the road, having brought Leh Go De Looseness in two sections.

“Our theme this year is Sweet Treats. We wanted to go back to our Bajan roots in terms of the treats that Barbados offers. Treats like sugar cake, black bitch, tamarind balls, all the local treats,” one of the band’s directors, Natasha Gibbs Burke told Bajan Vibes.

Again this year, the band will have two sections.

“The first section is the Sugar Cakes and that is for females and that is coming in a white baby-tee with pink and white shorts or pink leggings or you can get it as a pink baby-tee with white and pink shorts or white leggings. If that is not your style, you can have a white short top with pink high waist pants or in the reverse, pink short top with white high waist pants. For the males, it’s Sugar Cane. A lime green t-shirt or white vest or tank top.”

Band leader Dion Linton said they were looking to attract around 250 revellers this time around, and were keeping costume prices the same as last year.

“We know how it is with people with money in these times so we didn’t want to make it too difficult for somebody who wanted to come out and enjoy themselves, enjoy the festival and enjoy Barbados,”
he said.

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