Two arrested following shooting

Two St James men are to remain in the custody of lawmen until June 2, following a shooting which occurred three days ago in the western parish that left one person hospitalized.

Amandeo Kephar Henderson Yearwood, 26, of #5 St Catherine Close, Haynesville, and Shomari Ayo Durant, 23, of #28 Oxnards Crescent, have been separately charged with use of a firearm.  Additionally, Yearwood has been charged with possession of a firearm, possession of 17 rounds of ammunition, wounding with intent and endangering life.

According to police, a number of people were under a shed at Halls Village # 2, St James, when a motor car drove up to the driveway, the occupants got out and allegedly began firing, causing the persons present to flee.

One of those under the shed received gunshot injuries.

Lawmen say the driver of the suspected vehicle was later detained. A search warrant executed at Yearwood’s home the following day reportedly yielded one firearm and 17 rounds of ammunition. (PR)

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