Students breathe sigh of relief

It was a sigh of relief for many students who sat the Common Entrance Examination today at Combermere School in Waterford, St Michael.

Around 1 p.m. the bell rang to signal the end of what for many parents and students was a nervous period, but the students seemed excited has they exited the gates of Combermere to greet their parents and guardians who had gathered outside.

According to students who spoke with Barbados TODAY, the mathematics paper was “a bit challenging”, but they thought they had done pretty well in the grammar and composition, and were confident they would pass for the school they desired –– among them Combermere itself, Harrison College, or The St Michael School.

Devon Bellingy, of Holy Innocents Primary, was one such student who believed he had done well enough to go to his school of choice –– which is Harrison College.

“I thought the exams were quite easy and I did try my best, and I hope I get one hundred per cent in each to go to Harrison College,” Bellingy said.

Meanwhile his classmate Shaniel George said she was hoping to go to The St Michael School, and even though she had some challenges with the mathematics, she was confident she had done well enough overall to get there.

Best friends Jaedyn Cupid and Nathan Moore, students of Hill Top Primary, sat the Common Extrance together and are both hoping to go The St Michael School. Moore, especially, was all smiles, believing himself to have done well enough by answering many of the questions.

Rock Christian Primary student Zagora Callender said she wanted to go to Combermere School, and that for her the exam was “in-between”.

Nicole Grandison, who is the mother of Nikkala Mayers,
a pupil of Hindsbury Primary, said it was a nervous period for her, but she was thankful God had brought her and her daughter through.

“It was nerve-racking, but I got down on my knees and I prayed this morning; and as long as she did her best, it is okay with me; and I hope she passes for a good school,” Grandison said.


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