In the dark about this franken-food

Not so long ago, organic farmers (whose crops must be guaranteed to be GM free) were raising hell about the widespread release of genetically modified seeds by which their crops stood an excellent chance of being contaminated –– through GM pollen or seeds from neighbouring non-organic farms.

The rebuttal from the GM crop growers? That it was for the organic farmers to take the loss of having some of their own land put out of production
as a buffer zone for their fields which, hopefully, would offer them some protection from the GM pollutants.

Of course, the defenders of the GM industry used to claim that the alleged contamination of non-genetically modified crops was a myth. That was until tests on animals made it abundantly clear –– to the rest of us –– that the fable and fantasy were in the assertions of the GM crowd, who have since been lobbying for the for “co-existence” of genetically modified food and and organic crops.

What studies they have been so far on animals, we have learnt, are incredibly frightening, linking GM foods to infertility, immune system disorders, birth defects and cancer. At best, these genetically modified foods have caused changes in the gut, liver, kidney, and spleen.

Still, the GM proponents argue there are no serious problems caused by GM growers for organic farmers –– and even fewer challenges for the average person eating genetically modified foods.

If indeed genetically modified foods are so safe for humans, why –– as one anti-GM advocate asked –– are the big food companies in the United States and their legal brains working inordinately to ensure we never get the inside scoop on the unvarnished truth about this increased genetic modification of what we are presented to eat?

The GM squads have been fighting with legalistic force and ferocity any laws that would require forthright labelling. And, to boot, they have taken the brazen step to propose a contemptuous federal law that would without reservation ban any attempt to require labels on genetically modified foods.

If this were to truly become federal law, states voting to have the appropriate labelling laws for these genetically modified foods –– as several seem bent on doing –– could have the big companies and their lawyers ignoring them “legally”.

The bill –– The Safe And Accurate Food Labelling Act 2014 –– (typical Washington doublespeak, because in its intent it does nothing to make labels more accurate) is currently before a congressional committee, so assigned last April 9, that will consider it before possibly sending it on to the House or Senate as a whole.

The bill ostensibly is to amend the Federal Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act with respect to food produced from, containing, or consisting of a bioengineered organism, the labelling of natural foods, and for other purposes.

Opponents of the bill –– many doctors and other health specialists –– say that far from getting any more truth on what we are eating, we would be learning less, as among other things, the label of Natural would be allowed on foods with genetically modified ingredients, despite the fact genetic engineering, by definition, is anything but natural.

They argue that “natural” is what the good Lord has put on this Earth for all of us to harvest and enjoy. GMO foods, on the other hand, are created by scientists trying to play almighty God.

The anti-GM activists say this fearsome bill would also block the Federal And Drug Administration from coming up with any new requirements whatsoever for genetically engineered foods, making an already toothless national agency even less powerless.

And as icing on the cake, food makers would even be allowed to carry GMO-Free labels on meat, milk or eggs with bioengineered organisms, or
on dairy products from animals given genetically engineered feed.

Which is why opponents of this bill call it The Deny Americans the Right to Know Act. Frighteningly, to a very great degree, it is equally a denial of the right of Barbadians to know too –– for the hundreds of millions in food we import from the United States. We would all be victims of the DARK Act.

We evidently cannot continue to buy an American pig in a poke. We cannot be left in the dark about what out of the United States we are eating and feeding our children and families.

The problem with these franken-foods doesn’t just end with their being dangerous. We are without reliable long-term studies on what eating these unnatural genetically engineered foods can do to the delicate machinery of our human body –– given that our kitchens would be brimming over with untested mutations.

And to imagine Big Brother America wouldn’t have to tell us one iota!


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