Going for culinary gold


02-05-14 Gourmet Taste - Photo 6
Chefs showing off their dishes from mostly local produce to the delight of patrons.

by George Alleyne

A young fresh squad is being sent into culinary battle overseas, and the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) is confident that it’s team would capture gold awards at next month’s Taste of Caribbean competition in Miami.

From June 28 to July 2, the Barbadian team will be matching skills with chefs from across the region in a contest where the island scored gold in the past, and as recent as last year.

“Actually, I’m hoping that they will get gold, but this a completely new team, a very young team. Every two years we change the team so we can expose more people and that is what it’s all about,” said BHTA executive vice-president, Sue Springer.

The team heading to Miami comprises winners of the local BHTA-run contest.

Springer said, “The whole reason that the competition started with the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association was to develop young local chefs, and also develop Caribbean cuisine. We [would] stick to that, and if they don’t win gold, they are not failures because they have gone and represented Barbados. And as far as we are concerned it’s all part of a developmental phase and once we are developing our chefs, then we are on a winning streak”.

Chef showing off their dishes from mostly local produce to the delight of patrons .

Springer made these comments Thursday night during Gourmet Taste at Holder’s House, a fund-raising event to pay for the Miami-bound team expenses. Hoteliers, restaurateurs and food processors across the island were invited to prepare various dishes for sampling by patrons.

“I was very happy with the turnout,” Springer said. “We love the way that Barbadians choose to come and see what many of our restaurants have to offer, not just for an event like this, but on a daily basis.”

She added, “This is what we are trying to prove here, that anytime you walk into any one of the restaurants that are represented here, these are the types of foods that you can see.

“I think one of the major things that you will see as you walk around is the fantastic use of local produce.

“There are a lot of naysayers saying that we don’t use local produce on the menus or in the various restaurants but this is certainly not being shown here.”

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  1. Katharine Clarke-Weekes
    Katharine Clarke-Weekes May 3, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    This is great news. Something good for a change in the news


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