First Blood

Armstrong continues to blaze Crop Over music trail

He has developed a reputation for being the first one to get his music out for Crop Over, usually by the first day in May; and in 2014, though not putting out a CD or a compilation this year, Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong did not disappoint his many fans.

“I am able to do this every year because I love music and what I do, I believe in making a contribution to the festival and to the art form of Barbados and so therefore I just go all out to do it,” he told Barbados TODAY as he released some of his music for this year’s Crop Over festival.  

“This year I am not doing a compilation, but all of the music I have been working on with all of the artistes, I decided to still do the launch to make sure that one, they get their day and be able to move from here onto the next step and do some promotion in this month of May and hopefully get some work in June, July and August.”

Asked why he took this path this year, he said over the last couple of years “I have really put a lot into it, and it is getting more difficult and expensive to do so”.

“This year I have just decided to produce the songs or the artiste and then we are going to look at making sure we can market them online for sale over the Internet and stuff.  Hopefully later down in the season we may be able to license some and put them on a compilation.

“With the loss of the cavalcades a lot of the newer artistes won’t have that opportunity to get out there and showcase their stuff early so that people can see them and know them so therefore this is a good opportunity for them.

“I am hoping that some other people can take it up and run with it as well.  I have been doing this for the last couple of years and it has been working pretty well,” he said.


Blood doing one of his collaborations with the reigning 2014 Banks Calendar Girl.
Blood doing one of his collaborations with the reigning 2014 Banks Calendar Girl.



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