Labour ministry to intervene in NCC layoffs

Tempers flared this morning as officials from the island’s two trade main public sector unions  – the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) and the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) –  met with displaced National Conservation Commission(NCC) employees.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY, as he awaited an urgent audience with NCC General Manager Keith Neblett, NUPW General Secretary Dennis Clarke said this morning’s meeting with the workers was called to update them on the process that will be taken following what he called their sudden retrenchment on Wednesday.

“After meeting and discussing and hearing from them, some of the unfair events, we thought that we would meet with the General Manager but so far [though] he promised us a meeting he like he is saying ‘let me put them out to pasture and leave them out there’; when he is good and ready he will meet with us.

“It is a classic example that this country should take note of   . . .  the behaviour of management of NCC and how it treats the Union and the concerns that unions want to bring to the table on the behalf of the workers,” the NUPW General Secretary said.

When approached, the General Manager declined to speak with media, making a hasty exit from his car and into his office  amid jeers from displaced workers who had gathered in the car park.

Also present this morning was the assistant general secretary and deputy director of industrial relations at the BWU, Dwaine Paul, who said that they would be taking this matter  to the Ministry of Labour for resolution, a process which he said had already started.

“In taking this matter to be heard by the Ministry of Labour, we have worked with the NCC in good faith, we’ve waited on the NCC to get back to us on what they needed to do, we wrote the NCC, this is nine weeks now that we have been waiting on a response and their response now have come in the form of action against the workers.”

Barbados TODAY understands a meeting has been scheduled with Labour Ministry officials at 3.p.m  this evening at the NUPW headquarters in Dalkeith.



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