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Roland Edwards marks 24th anniversary

This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Roland Edwards Primary School. And while principal Michael Watson is pleased with the strides made since the amalgamation of the Speightstown Girls’ and Boys’ schools, he admits there was more still to be done.

Speaking amid the songs, dances and recitations of celebration this morning at the school in Battaleys, St Peter, he vowed the school would continue to first seek the development of their students and assist them as they aspired to excel with God’s grace.

Students celebrating in dance
Students celebrating in dance.
The Roland Edwards School choir singing Joyful Joyful
The Roland Edwards School choir singing Joyful Joyful.

“This time of year is always a very special and emotional one here at Roland Edwards as we are able to reflect on what was, and realize what is and look to what will be. As a school we have a lot to be proud of as we continue year after year to work towards becoming the professionals which we all aspire to become in the shorest possible time,” he said.

“In this regard we continue to work towards ensuring that our pupils learn as much as they possibly can every day.”

Watson reported that, realizing there was a direct and indirect positive relationship between good behaviour and improved student performance, the school had introduced a programme of excellence, which was followed up with the launch of the school’s positive behaviour management programme.

Watson said the excellence programme saw deserving pupils being rewarded for exhibiting excellence in areas such as obedience to teachers
and compliance with school rules, completing assignments on time, as well as resisting peer pressure to misbehave.

“With respect to our participation in the school’s positive management behaviour programme, we thought it as a necessary response to a particular need as we journey to achieve our particular goal of improved learning for all and achieving overall excellence,” he said.

“It is our concerted view that this will be achieve through the following: the creating of more student centered classrooms, the use of more positive, classroom disciplines, facilitating greater student participation in lessons, encouraging greater parental involvement in our pupils education and paying
greater attention to our health and life education programme.”

Also addressing pupils at today’s thanksgiving service was retired principal Glendine Thompson who advised the children that while academics was essential, good manners were even more critical.

“It is good to aim to excel academically – that is in the subjects that you are taught at school – but in addition you still need to be mannerly, polite, respectful and kind. If you are well qualified but have no manners, you may get a job but you may be overlooked for a promotion or you will be the first to be hired and the first to be fired,” she told the students.

“Manners will keep you where education gets you. The little courtesies – please, thank you, I’m sorry, excuse me, pardon me – they will never go out of style. Children, please ensure that you use these words every day,” she added.


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