NISE challenges Bajans

Extravaganza to encourage buying local

Scores turned out for a warm-up and breakfast at the National Initiative On Service Excellence Extravaganza yesterday, midway in the 100 Days Challenge. Just before 6 a.m., many people took on the 6K walk, or opted for the 2K version; then converged on the LIME Playing Field in Wildey for some socarobics and line dancing workouts, before ambling through the food booths to see demonstrations on preparation of various types of healthy Bajan breakfast dishes, sample the products, and buy if more was needed. 

“The turnout was fine,” CEO of NISE, Kim Tudor, said, explaining that many of those flocking the field on the holiday morning had signed up for the organization’s five challenges to the entire island, which were launched in February and end on June 8.

The challenges are do 100 uplifting acts in 100 days –– The Upliftment Challenge; buy 100 Bajan products in 100 days –– The Buy Local Challenge; take one million steps in 100 days –– The Movement Challenge; start your own business in 100 days –– The Entrepreneurship Challenge; green 100 ways in 100 days –– The Environmental Challenge.

Tudor said aspects of the greening, the movement and the buy Bajan challenges were present at the playfield yesterday.

“This is an opportunity for persons registered in those three challenges to have some activities related to them,” she said, adding: “For example, with The Entrepreneurship Challenge we have several young persons who are registered . . . here displaying their merchandise, both products and services, for the first time. In some cases we have assisted them . . . . We provided the tents, tables and the chairs, because a lot of them didn’t have these things.”

She said The Movement Challenge was represented in the early morning walk and dancing workouts.

Bending the body  on the socarobics workout. 
Bending the body on the socarobics workout.


“In The Buy Bajan Challenge, we had chef Derek Went demonstrating healthy shakes, because we were focused on breakfast items; so he demonstrated how to make healthy breakfast shakes using Barbadian products.”

Chef Derek Went demonstrating preparation of the all-Bajan morning health shakes and giving out samples.
Chef Derek Went demonstrating preparation of the all-Bajan morning health shakes and giving out samples.

She continued: “Then we also partnered with BADMC [that] had a light demonstration on how to make some breakfast products –– a cheese muffin from cassava flour. There is also breadfruit flour, sweet potato flour; and they showed us how to use these things, and make nice little muffins with some saltfish.”

According to Tudor, feedback so far was of a positive effect on the workforce.

“After this, people just get back to working hard, looking for the improvement, getting those million steps.”


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