Paying final respects

Funeral 1

By Anesta Henry

Hundreds of people are, at this moment, paying their final respects to patriarch of the Spiritual Baptist community Archbishop Granville Williams.

The energy-filled service is underway at the Ealing Grove, Christ Church, Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist CathedralFuneral 2 where a combination of traditional hymns are being sung, while members of the community dance, and blow a trumpet and conch shell.

Some of the prominent officials attending the lengthly service are Roman Catholic leader Monsignor Vincent Blackett, Pan-Africanist David Denny, parliamentarian James Paul, and former government ministers Reginald Farley and Clyde Mascoll.

In his tribute, Monsignor Blackett said the archbishop’s theology was a part of the old oral tradition rooted in African history.

He urged the Spiritual Baptist community to continue the legacy of their “great leader”, whom he said made a significant contribution to Barbados and was now resting in heaven.

The service continues.

Funeral 3


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