NISE extravaganza

Nise cover

by George Alleyne

Barbadians came out by the dozens to be part of the National Initiative for Service Excellence’s 100 improvements extravaganza held this morning.

The activities started just before 6 am with a 2K walk. Participants then descended on the LIME Playing Field, Wildey, for training workouts, exercise dances, and to sample and witness the preparation of locally-produced health foods.

While CEO of NISE, Kim Tudor, said the turnout was reasonable, she noted that a number of persons who signed up for the 100 improvements challenge were also participants in the annual ICBL road walk, which was also held this morning.

“We had always promised persons registered in our movement challenge that we would do an event for them so that they can participate,” she said.


The extravaganza featured many booths, which offered a variety of products and services, including health food, plants, books, photography, youth employment training, healing massages and golf.

Most entertaining were the soca-robics and line dancing events in which both men and women participated.

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