D’borah’s magic touch

When the show lights come on in Boston, Massachusetts, D’borah Blenman’s make-up initiative will be at the centre.

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A bold and generous mixture of boundless creativity, experience and business savvy perhaps best sums up one of the most innovative make-up artists to come out of the Caribbean, who now owns the West Coast’s first Kryolan Make-Up Retail store; the 43rd Kryolan store in the world.

While others may fancy themselves good makeup artists, and perhaps even great, D’borah’s body of work for almost two decades places her in an elite class. It was therefore no surprise that Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean could no longer keep the best kept secret in the make-up industry to themselves.

D’borah has since stretched her creative hand to the shores of North America where she has established a rapidly growing business featuring the signature Kryolan Professional Make Up brands, a 70 year-old German brand catering to TV, film, theatre, fashion, beauty, body art and special effects. Kryolan is the official makeup of Miss Universe, America’s Next Top Model, Face-Off and many movies and theatre houses throughout the world.

Since establishing a presence in North America, D’borah’s penchant for the highest standards in the industry has been creating a continuous buzz that has seen a steady stream of repeat clients and new clients jostling for appointments.

Prior to the opening of the store in the United States, D’borah was doing work for television, including major advertising campaigns, major cultural and entertainment shows.

She is also the Makeup Tutor at the Barbados Vocational Training Board, through the Barbados leg of the business, Zotbelle – Eye on Beauty.

Dborah zotbelle

Her dream is for Zotbelle to continue at the standard that has been painstakingly built over the years and she says “while systems have been put in place to make this a reality, none of it will be possible without the cooperation of the staff and the customers.”

The business –– Kryolan City Boston –– is owned and managed by Zotbelle Inc.  The store retails the Kryolan line and offers services in makeup application and training.

The doors to that opportunity were opened when God instructed D’borah to register the business in Boston.

While she initially thought it was a “pretty crazy” idea, she pressed ahead in obedience – and a bit of curiosity – with a nagging thought to the forefront of her mind that it might not be possible. Despite her own doubts, she eventually persevered.

“God has moved me from not knowing Him, to crying out to Him in desperation. When I was about to open the salon, I ran out of money and prayed that He would give me the business in exchange for serving Him for the rest of my life. God honoured my request and today I serve Him not because of the business but because of who He is and all He has done,” D’borah said.

“Whilst education, good financial support, friends and family are all good resources needed in business, my accomplishments are not attributed to them alone or at all, but to my Creator, Heavenly Father and God. With all these resources and no God, I would have failed to accomplish my purpose.”

The door opened after she spoke to the CEO of Kryolan in Berlin and what started out as a divine instruction led to confirmation in May 2013 that she would get the opportunity to open and own the Kryolan store in Boston. The store was eventually opened on December 7th 2013 on 31 Saint Avenue, Boston. The occasion was nothing short of unbelievable for D’borah.

Even with a constantly growing client base, D’borah has no intention to rest on her laurels.

She plans to take the line even further throughout Boston and New England, making it available to both artists and consumers. Her goal as store owner is to prepare the staff to equip consumers with techniques in application that would ensure confidence whenever they wear the product. (PR)


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