Body washes up at Needham’s Point beach

Further investigations and forensics being carried out to identify man, says Welch

Police are carrying out investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of a man after his badly decomposed body washed ashore on the Needham’s Point, St Michael beach.

They are also seeking to determine his identity.

Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said a visitor, who was strolling on the beach, discovered the body around 6:30 this morning.

Inspector David Welch
Inspector David Welch

He said following the grim discovery, a security guard at the location alerted the police.

“The body is badly decomposed so there is no way of identifying the body at this time. So what we have to do is do further investigations and have to use DNA or other forensic methods to identify the person,” said Inspector Welch.

A British visitor, Jay Merriman Mukoro, went missing since Sunday while swimming on Rockley Beach in Christ Church.

However, Inspector Welch said he could not speculate that the body was that of the missing tourist.

“I do not want to speculate. I know we have a British visitor missing. We are in contact with the family. We will still have hopes of finding their loved one alive. That is where we are at now. We are going through our further investigations and forensics,” he said.

This newspaper was informed that the body was missing some of its limbs. However, Inspector Welch said he could not verify those reports.

He also used the opportunity to caution beach goers.

“We are having some rough seas at this time and we are just cautioning persons to be careful when entering the sea and when diving. We know we have several deaths so far at sea. Again, the cause may or may not be drowning. We have to await the post mortem results. We just want persons to be careful. Heed the warning signs. I am sure the lifeguards on duty can advise if it is safe to go in the water,” said the police spokesman.

So far for the month there have been two confirmed cases of drowning – Jason Skinner, 38 and Clyde Leo Layne, 57.

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