Record number of kites on lines

The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) had to respond to a record number of calls to remove kites from electrical wires across the island during the Easter kite-flying period.

And communications public relations administrator Jackie Marshall-Clarke attributed the increase in calls to the company’s ongoing education campaign.

Driving across the island, especially this time of year, there were several kites stuck to electrical wires and poles.

Marshall-Clarke told Barbados TODAY that since the company ramped up its campaign in informing people not to attempt to remove kites from the wires on their own, more people have been calling in and the company was responding.

“We’ve had fewer outages as a result of kites on utility lines,” she added.

Marshall-Clarke said the company recorded a few short power outages on the Easter weekend and two significant ones may have been the effects of kites on utility lines.

“The two power outages, one 57 minutes, affected our St Thomas sub-station, and the other, 11 minutes, affected our White Park substation. On Friday in St Thomas, the areas affected were Dukes, Hillaby, Content, Lion Castle, Sturges and Castle Grant,” she said.

On Monday the areas affected were Barbarees Hill, Eagle Hall and Westbury Road.

The BL&P uses an external transmission system and is therefore susceptible to a range of elements, including harsh weather conditions and kites.

Marshall-Clarke said the company would continue its education drive.

Over the past two years the company has been targeting various communities with their education campaign where the incidents of kites on lines appear to be highest. This year the company held sessions at about four schools and two communities in preparation for the kite-flying season. 

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