New method of teaching needed

The principal of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College says primary school teachers need to find innovative approaches to imparting knowledge to their students.

Barbara Parris says this is critical at a time when children are turned off by the science at school in their formative years. Her comments to primary school principals came as she addressed a workshop on Science Teacher Readiness For The 21st Century Classroom at the college.

“[This] project has come to fruition as a result of concern regarding the low levels of uptake and reduced levels of interest in primary science. Despite this erosion and seeming loss of interest, there are factors that will change the landscape and lead to sustainability of primary science education,” she said.

“These factors include a revolution in the attitudes to science, content knowledge and classroom practice, as well as bolstering of confidence levels and encouraging science initiatives.”

Parris anticipated that the series of workshops at the college would not only equip primary science educators with the best skills for nurturing young science learners, but would also explore “the extent to which inquiry-based instruction gives rise to scientifically literate citizens”.

Under the initiative, science teachers at the primary level will participate in four phases throughout the 2014 to 2017 academic period.

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