Fit for the crown

Combermere School should be abuzz with excitement this Saturday when the Mister and Miss Brdigetown Novice/Teenager Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition is staged.

The action starts at 6 p.m. and the show promises to be a special event as it is often an introduction to competition for first-time athletes in the teenager and novice sections while the experienced competitors vie for supremacy in all the  Bridgetown categories.

The National Stadium Gym under the guidance of coach Valance Humphrey will introduce Zico Best, Roland Arthur, Laslo Byron and Dylon Caddle as contenders for the Mr. Teenager title. Body Fitness competitors include Nicole Garnes of Surfside Fitness, Janelle Butcher (The Training Edge), Nakisha Downes from the Stadium gym and Kathy-Anne Greenidge, who is determined to win her first title.

Strike Force Gym has a cadre of under 23 year-old Bikini Fitness girls who are Anke Griffith, Melina Leblanc and Waynel Lynch. Early entries for the senior Bikini Fitness include Faye Jones of Unique Fitness, with Kara-Lynn Belle and Domini Alleyne both of Strike Force Gym. The latter was the 2013 Barbados Bikini Fitness Cup Champion.

With seventeen registrants so far, the Men’s Physique category will be intriguing. The 2014 Barbados Men’s Physique Cup Champion Ryan Brewster is on a mission to dominate this year. 2013 was a great year for national champion Marlon Dottin who is undefeated locally. Dottin, who represents Valley Fitness, has spent the early part of this year improving his physique with a view to gaining IFBB Pro status.

Preceding reputations aside, all that matters is who presents the best package on stage. This contest is wide open and radio deejay Andrew Mason, Greg Williams (make-up professional from Surfside Wellness) and Hadley Hoyte are first-timers who are not intimidated.

The top registrants for Mr. Bridgetown are Dario Bryan and Junior national champion Shaquille Lavine. The female bodybuilding category at the amateur level will give way to Women’s Physique starting at the ALLMAX Nationals and the CAC Championships in St. Martin from October 2-4.  The criteria for muscular development is similar but the four compulsory poses are more feminine and the routine will be 30 seconds long.

Sponsors of the event include Mint Condition Industrial Services, Ace Pharmacy, Fresh Vitamins and Hott 95.3 Fm.

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