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What a lovely long weekend, and what a gamut of possible celebrations! There was great difficulty choosing what I would celebrate as over the past weekend we had Garlic Day, Columnists Day, Blah Blah Blah Day and Earth Day –– to name a few.

Since, unlike several other countries we have the pleasure of an Easter Monday holiday, as well as a Good Friday, it was easy to rule out the Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day, Hanging Out Day and Kindergarten Day. And, unless one was a frequent visitor to Linda’s Disco in The City, Record Store Day was not at all difficult to discard, especially given that records have long been replaced by digital music, and sourced by iTunes and Amazon.

Having recently spoken of Pet Day, Pet Owners Independence Day and Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day were not even seriously considered. Contrary to popular belief, English is not the most widely spoken language in the world, so the United Nations established Chinese Language Day to celebrate the language’s history and overall contribution to the world. Whew! Can you see what I’m talking about? Lots of celebrations. So here are the ones that finally made my personal cut.

Having been out of the island and fairly incommunicado, I missed a few days, so I crave your indulgence to make mention of those of particular import to me. (Can you tell that I’m warming up for Talk Like Shakespeare Day?) I shall thus attempt to devote an entire day to catching up on the merriments.

First I will have Eggs Benedict for breakfast –– having recently learned how to poach eggs –– then doll up to impress for Nothing Like A Dame Day. When I take a break, I’ll pop by mummy’s with some of her favourite snack to observe Jelly Bean Day.

As the day wears on, I’ll take a break, and try my hand at some Haiku Poetry which, according to, is much more than just a short Japanese poem, since it must have a syllable pattern of 5-7-5 and include an element of seasonality as well as . . . .

Enough! It’s clearly time to head home to watch the Fast And The Furious, in observance of Ford Mustang Day. Sigh. I’m tired.

I’m so glad that tomorrow, Wednesday, April 23, celebrates World Book Night. It’s a time to share your love of reading with friends and family. So recommend or lend a good book, after which, you can curl up on a comfy sofa with a glass of something nice, and engross yourself in a lovely piece of literature. Enjoy!

Read a book.
Read a book.

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