Roman catholic bishop worried bajans are going down the wrong path

As Bajans look to a range of activities, including fetes and shows, over the Easter weekend, the head of the Roman Catholic Church is raising concerns about how Barbados now treats the holiest period on the Christian calendar. 

Bishop Jason Gordon told Barbados TODAY he was worried that more people were losing their respect for all that is godly and the island was now evenly divided between those who are deeply committed to God and those who have moved away from Christian ideals. He is particularly concerned about             the youth.

Bishop James Gordon
Bishop Jason Gordon

“We have a lot of young people . . . who are very active in our church. There are a lot of young people who are not coming to church, and are staying away not only from the church and the traditional services of the church, but also not understanding the seasons and the times.

“People are not keeping Holy Week holy, having bashments and fetes at a time deemed as the most holy time in the life of the church,”  he lamented.

“There was a time when the society would not have done that. I would say that on the level of society there is a loss of sensitivity to the religious seasons; and that loss of sensitivity to the religious seasons is indicating a society moving away from its Christian ideals, and moving away from the faith of its forefathers.”

During an interview at his Ladymeade Gardens, St Michael office today, he warned that moving away from Christian ideals would take Barbados down the wrong path. He advised that that the Easter message struck at the very heart of the lives of Barbadians.

Adding that Easter was a reminder of the time Christ died for His people, Bishop Gordon said the Resurrection was not just an historic event.

“He is God’s son, and everything that Jesus said is true, and God’s raising Him from the dead is saying to us that death has no power; that the power of death is ended. That means, that the power of drugs is ended; the power of addiction is ended; the power of sickness is ended; the power of all the negatives in society is ended.

“But we have to believe it, and we have to want to follow Him to see the end of the negatives and the emergence of the positives. But if we are going to follow the path where we have no consciousness of God, then all the negatives are going to be there,” the Roman Catholic bishop said.


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