Housing project kicks off

The Barbados Union of Teachers’ (BUT) multimillion-dollar housing project is expected to begin in a few weeks, seven years after it was announced.

The $20 million project, which will see more than a dozen houses built on a 12-acre site in Hothersal, St Michael, is finally ready to get off the ground; and in another eight to nine months, fully constructed homes will be on the site, BUT president Pedro Shepherd told Barbados TODAY.

“We have just entered an agreement with APEX Construction to build 16 houses. We have relooked the programme and we have changed from the townhouses. We are offering teachers the first option to get these houses and we believe that teachers don’t necessarily want townhouses. I believe that they are looking for individual dwellings,” he said.

“In phase one we would have sold 21 lots with the view that persons were eager to get housing [but now] because of the cost of land in Barbados, they were able to purchase the land but are waiting to get finance together to build the houses. So, if you go to Hothersal, you will see just about four homes completed and those lots were sold like four years ago,” he explained.

Shepherd said the house prices should range between $280,000 and $325,000 and teachers will be given a six-month period to come up with the necessary financing.

He said plans are still in train for the construction of a multipurpose hall, a medical facility, a day care centre as well as a commercial centre.

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  1. Sanderson Rowe April 18, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Coincidence or not, many of the locations on which the Seventh -Day Adventist held crusades, went on to house lucrative businesses. This along with, PriceSmart, Chefette St George to name a few.


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