Cancer medicine Vidatox launched

Cuban product for lesser pain and better quality life

 Cancer patients in Barbados can now enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to the medical research being undertaken in the Cuban Republic.

   Today, Queen Elizabeth Hospital radiologist Dr Shazad Mohamed, Cuban Ambassador to Barbados Lissette Perez and brand marketing consultant Sheldon Browne turned up at Lewis Drug Mart on Rockley Road, Christ Church, to launch the medication Vidatox at a Press conference.

In introducing Vidatox to the local market, Mohamed said: “The product is an adjuvant therapy to correct chemotherapy treatment and radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients. Right now, it is seen in Barbados that there is an increase in the numbers of cancer patients islandwide with varying types of cancers.

“This product aims to decrease the symptoms associated with the varying types of cancer. It is a homeopathic treatment derived from the venom of the blue scorpion Rhopalurus junceus, indigenous to Cuba. Research has been done in Cuba and worldwide with positive results. In summary, this medication will decrease the pain, will also increase the patient’s appetite, lighten their general mood, and at the end of the day with the improvement in their mental well-being and physical well-being, the product will be very valuable to the patient as it encompasses everything treatment-wise for the patient,” he added.

Mohamed told reporters that research on the medication had been done in Cuba and clinical trials had being carried out worldwide with the product being accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States.

Asked if Vidatox had been accepted by the local medical fraternity, Mohamed said: “We have approached some doctors, but remember that the product has just come onto the market. Some homeopathic doctors have agreed, but some doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital are reading the literature to ensure that it is legitimate. Remember that this is still the early stages of the product.”

Speaking on behalf of the Cuban government, Ambassador Perez said Vidatox was the result of many years of research undertaken by Cuban scientists in Cuba.

She further stated that the medication was being sold as far afield as Mexico, Chile and Argentina in Latin America, Asian countries and Europe, and nearer home in Jamaica and St Lucia.

Meanwhile speaking on behalf of the local agents for the medication, consultant Browne told members of the Press that so far the first shipment of 60 bottles were already on local shelves.

Browne said the Barbados Drug Service was aware of the product and had approved it, but stressed that his company would be holding a series of town hall meetings to garner feedback from Barbadians.

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