‘Extra’ style of swimwear

Crop Over is fast approaching, and our young women will be looking for the most stylish swimsuits as they hit the beaches. On Saturday night, Daresqué was launched –– just in time.

The launch, at The Boatyard in The City, before a large and boisterous crowd, saw a new line of bathing suit bikinis from aspiring designer Latoya Daniel.

Daresqué has six sections in the line: Unconditional (white), representing all that is pure and unrestricted; Wide Awake (black), symbolizing being aware of the darkness that tries to consume your light, but being wide awake in your boldness and confidence, and knowing yourself; Fireworks (multicoloured), inspired by the Katy Perry song by the same name which states “you’re original, cannot be replaced . . . . After a hurricane comes a rainbow”; Skin (black and skin tone), igniting the light within and showing a person’s worth, happiness and vibrancy; Blazing (red), representing fire, flames, and burning with intensity, never dimming your light, forever blazing your path through life; and Unity (the national colours of Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica), an extra special section, representing one love, one Caribbean, one people.

(In 2012 Daniel designed a Barbados swimsuit for Independence Day, and it was quite popular.)

Speaking with Bajan Vibes for just a few minutes between accepting applause and well-wishes from the very pleased crowd, Daniel said the inspiration behind the swimwear had come from the confidence of a woman, whose personality dared to stand out.

“I am very extra, and all I wanted included in the launch was to stay to my standard of not being ordinary,” she added.

The venture, she said, was not an inexpensive one, but after the successful launch was certainly worth it.

The carefully selected models were great at carrying the outfits. Make-up was by Next2Natural, sound was  by Megasoundz and DJ Diamond kept the audience moving between segments. And, entertainers Nikita Kunar and Matt Cruz, along with Simon Pipe and The Diamond Entertainment Dancers, gave the event an extra spice.

“Holding an event was a lot more work than I expected,” Daniel confessed. “I took for granted attending an event and everything being in place; but now, putting it together, I would never look at an event the same. And imagine this is a small-scale, invitation-only show; not an actual party! But everyone who attended was extremely impressed, making me think now of hosting events,” she said.

“My business partner is pleased with the outcome, and the expenses were well worth it. It is indeed an expensive venture starting a business, but I had so much support that a lot of costs were cut for the launch. Everyone gave exactly what I envisioned and I’m beyond grateful . . . .”

Like any other first-time event, there were some hiccups; like the fit of some of the swimsuits; but Daniel vowed that this would be improved upon next time. And she has already planned to travel to acquire better quality fabrics.

More photos are available in our 16/04/2014 digital ePaper edition at http://epaper.barbadostoday.bb.

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