Easter fun for tiny tots

It was a day of fun and frolic for the little campers at the Depearl Nursery’s annual Easter camp.

Today the sun was at its hottest, but that did not stop the happy feet of tiny tots from running, jumping, skipping and hopping as they raised their kites and watched them soar.

Some flew bat kites, while others showed off their traditional kites.

There were over 15 kites flying in an open area located next to  the Green Hill, St Michael nursery.

Kimberly Arthur, manager of the nursery, told Barbados TODAY it was a day many of the children eagerly looked forward to.

She said that the event was not only a good way to keep the young ones engaged in a useful activity, but also to prepare for the celebration of the upcoming Easter weekend.

“The children come out here and they have lots of fun though there is a challenge in getting the kites up to start with. But the young campers get help from the older campers, who come back because they just like the camp,” she said.

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