Busy as a bee

Gwendoline stays alert at 100

Barbados’ latest centenarian Gwendoline Ureta Eastmond can be as busy as a bee.

At 100 years old, Eastmond is occasionally spotted in the garden picking weeds.

If the temperature of the room she is in becomes cold as a result of high winds, she quickly gets up and closes the windows.

And when she is hungry, you would definitely know because she never fails to inform you.

Today, when Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave was leaving her 2nd Avenue, Haggatt Hall, St Michael home, where he visited for her birthday celebrations, Eastmond got up from her seat, put her hat on, walked to the patio and watched his car drive away.

Joining family and friends for the celebration of the centenarian’s milestone, Lillian Lorde, owner of Cornerstone Nursing and Retirement Home where Eastmond resides, told the media that while it was a pleasure to take care of the pleasant old lady, she had to be watched closely because, despite her age, she keeps very busy.

“When the window is opened and she is cold she would go and close it. She would sit down and see the wind blowing on the clothes and she would want to go and pick them up. She would go and pick weeds. [At times] she would sit down and read a book. She gives us no trouble,” said Lorde.

Eastmond also has a taste for a strong drink which she requests quite often, according to Lorde.

“She loves a hot drink. If you offer her anything and it ain’t hot she would say ‘that ain’t hot, I want something hot’,” Lorde added.

But as mobile as this centenarian is, though she speaks clearly, her ability to carry on a conversation is limited.

George Eastmond, the third of her four children said his mother generally enjoys good health. He recalled that his God-fearing mother, a member of the St Barnabas Anglican Church, did her best to raise him and his three siblings. From a very young age, the grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of ten laboured on the plantation before retiring at 65.

“From small she always treated me very nice. She made sure that we go to school, had something to eat and have a good education,” Eastmond said.

Eastmond was the second Barbadian to reach the milestone this week, the first being Rose Addellin Wiltshire of #6 West Ridge, St Michael, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

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