Noise pollution a concern

Member of Parliament for Christ Church South John Boyce is concerned about noise pollution in St. Lawrence Gap.

Minister John Boyce
MP Christ Church South John Boyce

Speaking to reporters shortly before the official opening of a renovated walkway to the entrance of the popular entertainment spot today, Boyce said some operators of establishments there had not yet come to terms with “maintaining some level of controlled noise in the area”.

“There are still residents here in the St Lawrence area who look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep. Whereas we are the entertainment capital I think that we can do a lot by controlling our equipment to control the amount of noise that actually penetrates beyond the entertainment area,” he said.

However, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy said there was “an understanding” among business operators when it came to the issue of noise pollution in the area.

“The businesspeople in the area are sensitive to the fact that there are residents and, of course, there are people who come here to stay as well. So on the odd occasion when anyone has gotten out of hand it is usually the other businesspeople that pull them back in line. So I think we need to continue to operate on that basis. In other words let it be self-policing,” he said.

Meantime, Boyce also used the opportunity to appeal to vendors to “exercise control” and the National Conservation Commission (NCC) to take greater control of how vendors in the area operate.

He said given continuous improvement there would be greater demand from the public and it was up to the agency and vendors to work together to find innovative ways to satisfy many of those needs as possible.

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