Broomes launches two books

Educator Jeff Broomes has added yet to his list of published works. Today, he launched two books: The Dream that chronicled his experiences as principal of The Alexandra School and the 23-page Bullying –– The New Threat To Civil Society, a guide to recognizing, addressing and preventing the scourge.

Giving the background to the publication on bullying which was developed to assist in combating the problem, Broomes told journalists at a Press launch that it took him five years to complete, as he drew on what he had seen for himself.

“We appreciate that there are a lot of issues going on in schools. Bullying has now become a password. I have been at an institution in St Peter which led me to this position. I did a lot of research, I attended a number of conferences, and I interacted with many of my colleagues; and so I put out a small handbook in bullet point form with feedback from different people and the Minsitry of Education. The book speaks to addressing the issue of bullying.”

Also attending today’s launch of the two books were National Union of Public Workers general secretary Dennis Clarke and Days Books general manager Keith Austin.

Lending his support to Boomes’ efforts in creative writing, Clarke said: “These two pieces of work are testimony to Broomes’ talent and versatility. One can see that coming out of the recent past where he would have been in the media on many occasions. He has taken a decision that most of us would have seen to be a wise decision. He has shown Barbados that he can put experiences behind him and move on.

“From the human perspective, I feel that his decision to come to Parkinson is a loss to Alexandra and a gain for Parkinson. I feel that at the end of the day when he leaves Parkinson he would have pulled the school back up by its bootstraps and made it an institution to be reckoned with.

“It shows your all round talents in education.”

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