Of faces and photos


Today’s court appearance by Tyler Coombes, 16, and Jed Taylor, 17, on a charge of allegedly setting a bush fire in Chancery Lane, Christ Church, has set our Facebook followers talking today.

Scores reacted to a photograph posted of the two leaving Oistins Magistrates’ Court this morning after being granted $25,000 bail each.

Here is what some of our readers had to say.

Ryan Henry: I said in an earlier post that the culprits should be whipped, who were caught setting fire around the nation because it’s a crime. But a few things puzzle me. Why would a news corporation carry the photos of underaged [accused]?

Michelle Cheeseman: Juvenile correction??? But these two are older than 16.

Buddy Love: I think this proves some very interesting points here. First, one lady “expected to see two little black boys” which highlights the negativity in our society not only from others; but from ourselves. The second is all this focus on colour and not seeing the human element. Two boys [allegedly] did something silly, as we all have in the past and perhaps got away with.

But more importantly [is] the harsh reality of the toxic thought process of an island that cannot see the wood from the trees.

Lynn-Marie Carneiro: Sad that most of the talk here is about the boys’ colour not about [they are charged with doing]. Who cares if they are black, white or pink? . . . .

MrAto Familyfirst C: Why would people expect to see two black boys? That’s blatantly offensive on so many levels . . . .
Shai Akeem Collis: Because black people are 80 per cent of the population? Lol.

Michael Warner: I wonder if it were two young black boys what would have been the outcome . . . .

David F. Cabral: Mr Warner, I think you should look at the class issue instead of colour . . . . You and [I] both know if those boys were children of some of our brand name “Blacks” . . . they would’ve been dealt with the same way or less. The true reality has little to do with colour and a whole lot more to do with class . . . .

Tyler Legall: Soon enough the world will be only brown people because everyone will mix! Wish I was in that generation so I would [not] have to listen to y’all bull. Lol.

Gillian Belgrave-Sealy: It is sad to hear people talking about skin colour with regard to lawlessness. Ignorance has no complexion. Idle hands and minds always find mischief . . . . Living in America has taught me that all races are ignorant.

Kirk Alexander Robinson: This is a public forum that tourists follow and possibly read the comments being made . . . . How inviting does Barbados look to tourists when they see that tourists are being shot and robbed, and its people act so racist?

Rawle Spooner: I’m sure a lot of people in Barbados [were] not expecting this picture.

Adrian Hinds: I wasn’t . . . . For a long time it appeared as if was a best practice of Bajan media houses not to post the pictures of certain accused persons.

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