14 chosen for Karate tourney

The International Shotokan Federation of Barbados has selected the national squad to represent the island at the upcoming 12th ISKF Pan-American Karate Championships in Vallarta Mexico from August 14 to17.

The current squad consists of five adults and nine juniors. Leon Hing, Sulieman Nana, Russell Clarke and Dakoda Walkes are in the adult division, while Alex Ince, Adam Harris, Jamal Hunter, Tabu Lallkissoon, Angaly Deodat, Kaden Richards and Graham Bradshaw will compete in the junior division. The two reserves are Megan Harris and Terron Greenidge.

National squad (back, l to r) Alex Ince, Russell Clarke, Adam Harris; (middle row) Jamal Hunter, Dakoda Walkes, Terron Greenidge, Sulieman Nana, Leon Hing, Peter Warren; (kneeling) Tabu Lallkissoon, Kaden Richards, Angaly Deodat and Megan Harris.

The squad has been in training since 2013 and while most are new to competition three juniors have competed at the international level in the past.

The federation recently conducted a grading under the direction of Sensei Peter Warren, Seventh Dan and ISKF chief instructor, at the UCKC Martial Arts Dojo located at the Ursuline Convent. A total of 93 students took the examination, with 28 taking test for the first time. This was by far the largest group in recent times. Charles Maynard of UCKC showed a high degree of skill and was promoted from white belt to orange, skipping the yellow belt level.

At black belt level Jamal Hunter was promoted to Shoda (1st Degree). The next examination is scheduled for July and in November Sensei H. Okazaki Seventh Dan is expected to conduct a clinic and grading.

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