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I read Mr Barney Gibbs’ April 10 letter to the Editor of Barbados TODAY in which he went to great lengths to distance his Adopt-A-Shelter programme from billboards. Unfortunately, both Mr Gibbs and the author of the Keep Barbados Beautiful Facebook page chose to launch an anti-billboarding campaign on Facebook, on the eve of the launch of the Adopt-A-Km Highway Community Programme, although they had knowledge that the size of the signs for the programme would be very similar to what is currently seen on all of our roundabouts.

Images of 25-foot-plus billboards were posted on Facebook pages in an anti-billboarding campaign and linked to the Adopt-A-Km Programme. Keep Barbados Beautiful has since retracted its statements about the Adopt-A-Km and stated: “The sign will be smaller than anticipated.”

This is correct. The square footage of the signs will be smaller than the signage on Mr Gibbs’ shelters scattered in the hundreds all over Barbados, including the ABC Highway, as part of the Adopt-A-Shelter Programme.

The Adopt-A-Km Highway Community Programme will maintain and beautify the landscape around the highways of Barbados. It gives corporate Barbados an opportunity to be involved and in the process save the taxpayers of Barbados thousands of dollars, and employ numerous Barbadians.

In return, contributors to the programme will have their contribution recognized on well appointed signs (four feet high) and surrounded by beautiful foliage.

The plan was conceptualized many years ago and has the full approval of the Ministry of Transport and Works, as well as the Town Planning Department. The Adopt-A-Km Community Highway Programme will be good for Barbados. Let’s work together to Keep Barbados Beautiful.


Project coordinator,

Adopt-A-Km Community Highway Programme


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