Mackie ruling the waves

Top Barbados junior surfer Dane Mackie is soaring higher in international surfing.

Last weekend the 16-year-old Barbadian slammed the competition in Florida to emerge winner of the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) East-Coast Regional Championships staged at the New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

In an impressive display of skilled surfing and creative moves, Mackie won two of three divisions in a competition that featured more than
50 international surfers. The Barbadian won the Explorer Juniors and Air-Show divisions and was third in the Explorer men’s category.

The NSSA championships are the highest profile events for competitive amateur surfers in the United States. In tricky conditions, with generally waist-high waves, Mackie was fast and controlled in shredding the waves and the opposition and executed the game plan, developed with his coach Daniel Sacchi, almost to perfection. He reached three finals and totally dominated the hotly contested Explorer Juniors, where he scored an 8 and a 6.67.

In the Air-Show contest, which allows surfers to showcase their creativity and flashy moves, Mackie produced an impressive and unbeatable front-side air reverse.

“All the top surfers compete in this event and it feels really special to win. I am hoping to go further and also win the finals,” Mackie said.

Mackie, who is sponsored by DIGICEL and the JADA Group, and by international brands LOST Enterprises, Fin-S, Vestal, and Arnette, will contest the NSSA finals in California in June. (BB)

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