Noisy nuisance

speaking out

I am concerned about the state of degradation that is gaining a stranglehold on the Barbadian landscape. I will focus on the type of commercial establishments which are created in housing developments. The owners are saying that they are helping themselves financially by selling various merchandise to their neighbours, which can be either food items, or clothing, or illegal drugs.

The food items usually attract rats, mice, cockroaches and pilferages.

The clothing does not get enough patronage because sometimes the items are cheap, but the vendor(s) want a lot of cash for them.

The more popular illegal item of choice is drugs – spliffs – and they are accompanied by Jamaican-type dub noise, where you do not understand anything, except the cursing and insults to females.

Then in the mix of this scene are motorbikes with the muffler modified to create earth-shaking noises and the acrid smell of the smokers indulging in their mind-altering product.

Now, usually there are those drug pushers who want to keep their clientele close by, so they decide that the best way to do this is to hold karaoke nights on Fridays usually starting at 11 p.m. and continuing until 5 a.m. with each successive disc played louder and louder.

So the house shakes, sleep is impossible, and the so called “carry-their-own-key participants” sound like they are drowning or gurgling in sewage. They sound real awful.

The next day, the residents who were tormented during the night cannot get any sleep in the daytime, because the motorcyclists make it their business to traverse the district every half-hour, and refuse to turn off the bikes although they are parked by the shop, sometimes constantly revving them up.

The Saturday night noise starts at about 9 p.m. and will continue unabated until the next morning. These annoyances continue unabated until sometime during the Sunday.

So the fact is that the residents who are suffering these injustices would like to know who grants the permission to these vendors to keep loud noise/music sessions in neighbourhoods, so close to residences and at such high volumes.

Do persons in authority care about those people who are suffering at the hands of a few scoundrels among them?

It seems that Barbados is taken over by noise and drug terrorists.



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