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Barbadians’ reactions to findings of overdrawn salaries, inappropriate charges and millions of dollars in overpayments to taxpayers, pensioners and suppliers –– outlined in the just released 2013 Auditor General Report.


Patrick Cozier: Where does this country stand? If our leaders and the institutions they govern demonstrate such contempt for proper procedures and compliance, and repeatedly embrace such indiscipline, then they have mortgaged their moral authority to demand efficacy and discipline from the populus.

No wonder Barbados has become indisciplined, uncompetitive and non-productive!

How many officers responsible for this malaise have been among those laid off or fired?

There is an axis human beings have understood from the beginning of time – that of reward and punishment.


Roger Manning: Basically Barbadians are destroying Barbados. This has been going on for many years and this finding is not new. The Auditor General failed to account for the public servants who are paid for doing no work daily. I guess we can stop blaming the immigrants for destroying Barbados now.


Shari A Lobo: So what is the next step? What person(s) stand accountable? When are we as Bajans going to say, “Enough is enough”? Time to stop talking and start moving!


Dean Scantlebury: Barbados is being robbed by Barbadians. Now, please, will someone audit people who were on sick leave while working other jobs, or going to school? Barbados is being destroyed from within.

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