Cherish your old things

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Tomorrow, April 9th, is Cherish An Antique Day and says that it is “a day set aside in April of every year on which to appreciate unique objects that date back to a time when quality and craftsmanship were most valued by discerning clients. It is a day on which everyone is encouraged to revisit an era of artistic talent that, for them, holds a special and timeless appeal”.

Cherish an antique

The website says that: “Cherish An Antique Day can be celebrated by a visit to an art museum, or simply by retrieving a valued heirloom from its place of safety and exhibiting it for the day. The idea is to salute past artistry and to create a greater awareness of the type of aesthetic appeal that withstands the test of time. It is hoped that exposure to the past masters will encourage a commitment to quality rather than quantity in today’s production-line type of manufacturing. Cherishing an antique can make the past far more present.”

I’d say I have to agree, aside from the beauty of antiques, the craftsmanship is beyond most things know to our modern times where quantity and speed and fast profits trumps everything else. Since they are scarce and of high value, the cost of most antiques has been beyond my grasp. However, we sometimes have valuable pieces in our possession and neither know or appreciate their worth. Take some time tomorrow to look among your old things . . . who knows? You may just hit the jackpot.

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