Youth on screen

Television programme to be broadcast across the region

A positive television programme highlighting issues affecting young people in the Caribbean will be broadcast across the region from June.

The programme Youth Inspired will be transmitted on cable and broadcast television services throughout the region.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which is funding the programme, signed the first letter of agreement with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) to collaborate on the youth television programming, at UN House, Marine Gardens, Hastings, Christ Church recently.

UNDP’s Resident Coordinator Stephen O’Malley said through the partnership, UNDP responded to the call for a more positive media portrayal of Caribbean youth.

“Today, through this agreement, we will develop a television programme utilizing that existent media content generated by the Youth N programme to share those stories.Through this agreement, we can add to the current Youth N television programming across the region by partnering with CBU to reformat the content into a number of different episodes. Each episode will build on the themes of innovation, involvement and interest,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Sonia Gill, CBU’c secretary general, said that while only one season to air the programme had been confirmed, CBU was opened, abled and eager to work with UNDP and other partners in follow up seasons.

Gill reminded that as Caribbean nations fulfilled their independence promise in relation to achieving results on the various independence indicators, they were becoming less of a focus for development partners like the UN, especially when compared to crisis situations faced in other regions of the world.

“But it’s particularly important that the development concerns of middle income countries not be glossed over by simple assessments of averages. The gains made in many core sectors such as health and education are under attack from global financial crisis, and development support must be maintained if those gains are to be maintained . . . . That’s why it makes sense for the CBU to coordinate the production and transmission of this new television series, Youth Inspired,” the secretary general said.

Gill also disclosed that CBU would also ensure the capacity of up and coming media professionals is being built through an internship under the project, with the mass communication programme of the Barbados Community College.

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