Tots go back in time

It was about past years and ways of doing things yesterday at the All Saints Nursery School in St Peter. The tots there went way back in time as they climaxed the term’s focus on Transportation And People under this year’s theme My Culture, My Heritage, The Way We Were.

It was fun and more fun as family, friends and neighbours of the school gathered, cheering on the little ones in their depictions of old-time transportation and old-time people. They were styled –– among other depictions of jobs –– as members of the Barbados Landship, tuk band players, folk singers, cane cutters, ZR van conductors and so on.

All abroad the Landship
All abroad the Landship

Principal Marva McClean thanked all the willing parents and her creative staff for making the day a reality and helping the children to have a ball as they learned of the past.

“We are educating the children about their heritage and their culture, so that they would have an appreciation for the development of transportation and how the people functioned in years gone by. Many of them are too young to have that experience, so we are trying to  give them that experience so that they can appreciate what we in Barbados have and . . . how they can add and make it more valuable for us as a people living today,” the principal added.

And, it was definitely a wonderful experience for the little three- and four-year-olds who modelled their costumes boldly.

All work and no play...
All work and no play…

Their history lesson also involved crafted trains and buses, art, displayed information and storytelling. The history lessons continue next term with the children’s focus on Our Festivals.

More photos available on pages 10 & 11 of our digital ePaper –

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