After several decades of working in the region, Barbadian-born Stephen Pilgrim is settling down to life in Qatar. He relocated there at the end of January to take up duties as the mechanical engineering manager at an airport in Doha. But the journey to this point in his life has not been easy.

Pilgrim –– born on the day Barbados became a sovereign nation –– first came to public attention for not so good reasons. He was known as the “baby they forgot”.

At the age of five, and again when he was ten years old, he was left off the list of children born on Independence Day, November 30, who took part in national celebrations marking  the achievement.

“We were all disappointed. He knew what was going on; he knew what Independence was about and he felt left out, but it was sorted out in the end,” said his mother Marjorie, recalling what happened to Pilgrim at the age of ten. But the then St Michael resident did not let his disappointment affect him for too long.

Newspaper clipping of The Baby they forgot article
Newspaper clipping of The Baby they forgot article

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