11.6% jobless rate for 2013

It’s still unclear where the unemployment rate stands now that Government is nearing the end of its retrenchment exercise, but statistics show that the rate stood at 11.6 at the end of last year – that’s 16,600 men and women who didn’t have jobs.

Statistics provided by the Economics Affairs Division of the Ministry of Finance today indicate that among the jobless, 11.7 were males (8,500) while 11.6 (8,100) were females.

In total the number of people in the labour force stood at 142,900, consisting of 72,900 males and 70,000 females. The number of people not actively looking for work, who were excluded from the labour force was 71,200, the majority of them women. The figures show that 42,900 females, compared to 28,300 males fell into that category.

Last year, the wholesale and retail sector generated the most jobs – 20,500 – while the Accommodation and Food Services sector employed 13,300 people. Employment generated in the construction, mining and quarrying sector was 12,100 people; 11,600 people were employed in the public administration and defence sector; and employment levels in the Manufacturing sector and the Education sector reached 9,000 people and 7,500 people, respectively. The Transportation and Storage sector employed 6,600 people and employment in the administrative and support service sector reached 6,300 people, while other sectors generated jobs for 6,700 people.

The Human Health and Social Work sector also generated employment for 6,300 people and employment in the Finance and Insurance sector stood at 5,800 people. Employment in the Activities of Households as Employers reached 5,200 people, while 4,900 people were employed in the Other Services sector.

The levels of employment in the professional, scientific and technical services sector and the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector stood at 4,200 people and 3,400 people, respectively. the electricity, gas, steam, water and air conditioning sector generated jobs for 2,800 people.           (BGIS/DP)

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  1. Ryan Bayne
    Ryan Bayne April 4, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    This signifies that this is not a good sign for Barbados especially for some of us who were laid off for almost a year now. May God put his healing hand on this country so that the economy will turn around once more.


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