Trophy to hail Super Mario

A fantastic athlete and a well-rounded individual. That’s how president of the Old Harrisonian Society (OHS), Tammi Pilgrim, described Harrison College’s star athlete Mario Burke, as she presented a trophy from the Old Harrisonian Society, donated by Motoring News, to Burke, marking his outstanding performance as he prepares for the upcoming CARIFTA Games, the Central American And Caribbean Games, the Youth Olympics and the World Junior Championships.

In presenting the trophy in the principal’s office yesterday, Pilgrim said it was also a good way to begin Founders Week 2014 and a fitting way for the OHS to recognise the exploits of Burke and also to wish him well.

“As we celebrate our 281st year we once again reemphasise our support to the school, the staff and the students and recognise your own achievements and wish you the best in all your endeavours and recommit our support to the principal, the staff and the students,” the OHS president added.

Pilgrim said “Super Mario”, as he is affectionately called in athletic circles, had become a household name, doing himself and the school proud. Burke, in his remarks after accepting the trophy, said it meant a lot to him and thanked the OHS and the donor for recognising him.

“I want to give of my best. Harrison College has a rich and proud history, both academic and otherwise and eyes are on me. I am out to do my best at all times,” Burke noted.

Acting deputy principal Sonia Nelson said she was pleased with the efforts of the OHS and wished them well as Founders Week 2014 is celebrated.

She thanked the OHS for recognising Burke, and indicated that it was a good morale and confidence booster for the young athlete as he prepared for the demands of greater athletic duty ahead.

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