Between God and Govt

Bajans have their say on island's woes . . .

While some Barbadians are earthily practical in their response to the current, harsh economic climate of the island, others are advocating and seeking divine intervention.

At least, this is the case of some of those who spoke to Barbados TODAY yesterday afternoon, when it took to the streets of The City to get Bajans’ say on the economy and the direction in which they think the country was headed.

Talya Jean-Pierre said she did not believe Government should be blamed for the status of the country, as she was satisfied the present administration was doing its best. And, she was strongly of the view that too many people were too dependent on the state.

“They think that Government could come in and do everything, and make everything okay. Because people are too dependent on other people, when things happen they can’t depend on themselves, and they can’t face the pressure or reality. And because of the pressure and stress, then health issues come on and some people don’t know that it is there because it is so silent, and then them just dead,” she explained.

The owner of a vegetable stall, Jean-Pierre suggested that those people who were recently laid off, along with those who may find themselves in the same boat, should seek alternative but yet legal ways to make a living.

“I know people that get laid off; and some of them want to turn to crime; and some of them literally pick up a cooler, mix drink, put it in the cooler, and now them out there selling,” said Jean-Pierre.

She added: “For me, I coping with what going on because I understand the society I am in, the economic level that we are at right now and how you got to work with it.”

Taking time out from playing drafts with a friend on the sidewalk, Philip Blunt stated that while some of the happenings in society threw people, including him, into a depressed state at times, it was time they got back to God and lived a more righteous and upright life. In return, he said, God’s promises to mankind would be fulfilled.

“Things that The Bible prophesied are going to happen until mankind gets back on the right track,” said Blunt.

Philip Blunt (right), playing draughts with a friend, is of the mindset people should live a more righteous life.
Philip Blunt (right), playing draughts with a friend, is of the mindset people should live a more righteous life.

Hycinth Perch, a veteran fruit and vegetable vendor said that “these are the signs of the times”.

Perch stressed that the signs indicated that “Jesus will soon put in his appearance”.  Getting back to The Bible was what she suggested Barbadians should do.

“. . . Like in the old time days when the old people use to cry out to God. In those days money wasn’t stirring like now, but [people] used to have the power of the Holy Spirit because God was intervening. The problem not in Barbados alone; it all over.”

Singing the same song as Perch was interior designer and florist Althea Welch, who said she had placed God at the forefront of her life, to direct her path.

“Every day don’t be the same, but once I put him in front, He directs my path and I go from there. Any time you see I don’t do that, things crumble. That is the best option right now. Stay put with God, stay focused and be connected to the source.

“Barbadians should realize that this is the way to go, because [death] is just around the corner. Nobody knows our last [day],” the Christian testified.

Looking for the best in every situation, because “if you’re only looking for the bad, that would keep you sad”, was Marlon Waterman’s advice to those who may be going through a difficult time in life. And if it was up to Waterman, a prominent sculptor, International Happiness Day would be every day.

Look for the good in every situation is Marlon Waterman’s advice.
Look for the good in every situation is Marlon Waterman’s advice.


“If you feel good about yourself, you are going to feel good about everything. You are not going to see negative things; and that would eliminate worry, problems and stress from your life. In life, everybody’s got problems; and the only people who ain’t got problems in Westbury Cemetery,” said Husbands.

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  1. Angel OfThunder
    Angel OfThunder April 3, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Government??? God alone for me but not ur trust in the arm of flash it will fail u…


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