NSC rally a success

Youngsters get chance to showcase their skills at basketball rally

Students at the primary and secondary level got the opportunity to show off their basketball skills during a National Sports Council’s schools basketball rally held at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Wildey,  St Michael, today.

Eleven schools participated in the rally which included five primary schools and six secondary school. The event was conducted by NSC coaches Zahir Motara, Cosmo Edwards, Dwight Rouse, Frederick Bynoe and Denise Alleyne.

Motara told Barbados TODAY this would make the third year for the rally and the rationale behind it was to introduce the game to students at a much younger age.

“When they get into secondary school they don’t really have any competition among themselves except for the under-16 level and they are too young for under-16. So we try to incorporate the primary and secondary schools in one event in order to create an interest in them from an early age,” Motara said.

He added that this was the first time first formers were included and this was the biggest turn-out they have seen so far from the schools.

“Now that we have added the first formers we are hoping to have this event at least twice a year. We would like to get a first form competition started, even if it is a three on three competition which would be good for the students development,” Motara said.

Even though the NSC currently hosts the rally, Motara said more sponsorship would be appreciated.

“This is not sponsored at the moment, so the sports council is just hosting it because we are the coaches from the sports council. But we would love to get it sponsored in order to get more publicity and get more schools out.

“As you can see from the crowd which turned out today, we can get at least two days in because to get all the games in one day is pretty cramped. So with sponsorship you can get more days in, more games and get more schools to come out,” Motara said.

He also noted they had more primary schools than they have had before and they hoped other coaches would be encouraged to get involved come next year.

“This is a one off thing which is incorporated into our Saturday morning program for kids these ages at Springer Memorial School to improve their basketball skills,” Motara added.

During today’s rally each game played lasted five minutes each and at the end Harrison College topped the first formers with an unbeaten 7-0 record. The St Michael School came second and third position went to Lester Vaughan. St Gabriel’s A team topped the primary schools with an unbeaten 7-0 record, Bay Primary and Belmont Primary tied for second place.

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